About US

Corporate Responsibility Movement

Serving as the official producers to some of the world’s most prestigious brand event publications, we are honored with many influential forums. We are committed to utilizing this platform to highlight and help advance our clients’ social agendas, causes and foundations. When you partner with us, you are given an opportunity to join the #FXSOCIALMVMNT.

As owners, we are committed to taking the FX Group Corporate Responsibility beyond client relations and extending it to our team. We understand and respect our team as critical assets to our company’s growth. We are committed to excellence, and we empower and nurture each team member’s personal and professional goals. The FX Group fosters a creative atmosphere of support where team members are encouraged with added value such as flex-time, jam studio, river walks, art stimuli and healthy nourishment at the FX offices.

It’s time for us to change how we all “do advertising.”