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About Us

live-event-concert-securityWe exist to help our partners build and deliver the safest and most secure sport, live entertainment, retail, and commercial ecosystems throughout the globe.

SkyBridge Tactical partnered with FX Entertainment Security combines the knowledge and expertise of counterterrorism experts, leaders in safety and security, and best in class venue operators to deliver superior solutions to elite clients.

Today’s security environment is increasingly complex with concerns ranging from terrorism to drones to cyber threats. Well-designed executable processes and protocols are critical to the successful execution of daily facility operations as well as maintaining resiliency in the face of crisis. We will work with your team to evaluate and improve existing systems or if desired support from design through implementation.

Focus Areas

  • Special Operation Forces (SOF) Training and Support
  • Expeditionary Logistics and Management
  • EOD Support and Robotics
  • Engineering and Technical Assistance
  • Security Solutions and Assessments
  • HUMINT / SIGINT Support
  • Staff Augmentation and Consulting